At the heart of the Alina Abegg brand lies a relentless drive to reduce the environmental impact of the jewelry industry.

Upon starting the brand in 2016, Alina quickly realised the devastating environmental and socioeconomic impact of the gold mining industry worldwide. Since then, Alina has made it her personal mission to choose manufacturers and suppliers according to three main criteria: quality, transparency, and social responsibility. This ethos comes to life by supporting local production, using recycled gold and promoting a slow fashion mindset. Of course, our sustainability journey is not complete, and Alina remains committed to working closely with clients and partners to find solutions across the entire supply chain.

Our Values

Local Production

Alina works with local partners based in Pforzheim, Germany, a small town known as the “Golden City” that looks back on a long tradition in the watch and jewellery making industry. With family businesses passed down across generations, her partners share the same deep passion to uphold fine craftsmanship as Alina.

Recycled Gold

Alina works with a trusted partner that recovers gold from secondary materials, following state-of-the-art standards around sustainable precious metal recycling. With a desire to help her clients on their sustainability journeys too, Alina offers her clients a recycling option for their pre-loved jewelry.

Slow Fashion

Made to last, Alina hopes her pieces can bring joy to her clients over a lifetime and generations to come. From the duster bags designed to protect each treasure to a repairs service available for all of her clients – Alina promotes a slow fashion mindset to extend the life of all her pieces.

I wanted to create a brand that I could be 100% behind – making choices that I can stand by for the long run. It quickly became clear that sustainability was at the core of this.
Alina Abegg