Sugar High

Welcome to Alina Abegg’s exquisite candy shop!

The “Sugar High” collection is the designer's playful yet contemporary celebration of all sweet delights! In this collection, Alina transforms well-known treats into exceptional statement pieces. The unexpected designs take a cue from Alina Abegg’s favourite German childhood goodies, pairing multicoloured stones with precious metals. A bejewelled blast from the past that you can enjoy to the fullest, without the calorie regret...

Yellow Gold-Peridot

Pfefferminz Ring

From 1,610.00€

Yellow Gold-Amethysts

Love Lollipop Studs

From 650.00€

Rose Gold

Maxi Shell Pop Necklace

From 3,960.00€

Pink Opal

Licorice Ring Stoned

From 4,590.00€

Rose Gold

Maxi Rainbow Pfefferminz Earrings

From 6,305.00€

Yellow Gold

Lollipop Ring


Rose Gold-Lilac Enamel

Shellpop Thread


Yellow Gold

Love Lollipop Ring


Rose Gold-Peridot

Pfefferminz Studs

From 1,845.00€

Yellow Gold

Pfefferminz Hoops Stoned

From 2,740.00€

Rose Gold-Rubelites

Lollipop Stud

From 770.00€

Yellow Gold

Licorice Choker