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Alina Abegg

Fine jewellery designer based in Berlin

Remember the magic of the world when you were young? From golden stars and faraway planets hanging in the night sky to dandelion wishes floating in the winds? From rainbow coloured candies to the sound of a foreign language heard for the first time?

Alina Abegg loves to find magic hidden away in her memories and transform them into modern treasures. Each of her pieces captures the essence of her playful daydreams that celebrate life and a curiosity for all its mysteries.

It is no surprise then that, Berlin-based, Alina Abegg has always been fascinated with gemstones, finding each of these natural phenomenons to be like works of art. Her curiosity and passion for gemstones eventually led her into the realm of jewelry design. Hungry for knowledge, she pursued her studies at Istituto Marangoni in London and went on to receive degrees in Gemology and Jewelry Design from GIA in New York. It was during her time in the concrete jungle that she began dreaming of her next adventure … a cosmic escape!

In Alina’s first collection, Cosmic Escape, we are transported to the 90s. Deeply inspired by the mystery of our universe and a play jewelry aesthetic, Alina brings it all to life through a combination of geometric shapes and unique, multi-colored gemstones into precious UFOs, planets and all things out of this world.

While daydreams are the soul of the brand, quality is at the core of every piece made. A family heritage of European silk manufacturing ingrained in Alina, early on, an appreciation of high-end craftsmanship, ethos of luxury and attention to detail which you will find in every piece.

Where will AA jewels take you?

„Forget twinkling stars and romantic moons, Alina turns B-movie aliens, UFOs and crop circles into sleekly attractive jewels with a stylishly tongue-in-cheek irreverence.“



Fine Craft

All pieces are handmade and produced in Germany, representing Alina’s roots as well as the country’s fine craftsmanship.

“One of the great cosmic laws, I think, is that whatever we hold in our thought will come true in our experience.”


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of the Ring
Ring Size
(mm) Germany USA/Canada UK France Japan
14.3 45 3,4 (3) G 5,0 5,0
14.6 46 3,7 (3-) G 1/2 6,0 5,9
15 47 4,1 (4) H 1/2 7,0 6,9
15.3 48 4,5 (4-) I 1/2 8,0 7,8
15.6 49 4,9 (4-) J 9,0 8,8
15.9 50 5,3 (5) K 10,0 9,7
16.2 51 5,7 (5-) K 1/2 11,0 10,7
16.6 52 6,1 (6) L 1/2 12,0 11,6
16.9 53 6,4 (6) M 1/2 13,0 12,6
17.2 54 6,8 (6-) N 14,0 13,6
17.5 55 7,2 (7) O 15,0 14,5
17.8 56 7,6 (7-) P 16,0 15,5
18.1 57 8,0 (7-) P 1/2 17,0 16,4
18.5 58 8,4 (8) Q 1/2 18,0 17,4
18.8 59 8,7 (8-) R 19,0 18,3
19.1 60 9,1 (9) S 20,0 19,3