Maxi Rainbow Pfefferminz Earrings


For our collection ‘Sugar High’ the designer Alina Abegg revamped the delicious pop culture mint into a beautifully crafted 14kt rose gold PfeffErminZ Earring. Dangling peridot, pink opal, yellow agate, Malawi chalcedony, rubellite drops make this a sweet treat that is eye-catching from every angle.


Available within 2-4 working days.

  • 14-kt rose gold
  • Peridot (4,00ct)*
  • Pink Opal (3,00ct)*
  • Yellow Agate (4,30ct)*
  • Malawi Chalcedony (6,50ct)*
  • Rubellite (6,50ct)*
  • Length: 94mm
  • Width: 11mm
  • *single earring