Alina Abegg


Fine jewellery designer based in Berlin.



Do you remember the magic of childhood? A time when the world was filled with possibility from the taste of rainbow-coloured candies to gazing up at planets hanging in the night sky. This sweet nostalgia is an endless source of inspiration for Alina Abegg who turns her personal daydreams and memories into modern treasures.



From an early age, the Berlin-based designer has been fascinated by gemstones, nature’s works of art. A passion that led her to pursue studies at Istituto Marangoni in London and receive degrees in Gemology and Jewelry Design from GIA in New York.



In 2016, Alina Abegg launches her own brand in Berlin. Infusing playful twists into every single one of her creations, the jewelry designer places a strong emphasis on attention to detail and luxury, stemming from her family heritage in European silk manufacturing.

High-end craftsmanship is breathed into every piece whether it's a necklace inspired by a childhood German treat or 90’s stick-on earrings.

Jewelry that tells stories you will want to reminisce over and over again.



„Make way for the coolest jewels of 2019“


— The Jewellery Editor



Images by Studio Abeles & Marina Melentieva